Corporate Policy

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Corporate Policy

Japack’s swift react to customers’ need with special business sense,
Offering high quality products to Japan

 Since its establishment in 1998, Japack’s has provided multipurpose polyethylene products which are made of petroleum materials to numerous customers. We have made tremendous progress while facing the rising cost of oil and the severe price competition.

  We have allied with lots of factories in Asia which are big support to our survive in the crisis. We are consigning the productions to overseas partners and making every effort to improve the quality of our products. This enables us to cut down the cost and make it possible to provide high quality product with low price to our valued customers.

 On the other hand , the advanced information technology is the chief factor in our evolution. It has improved the speed of our business transaction including exchange information of product design and quality between overseas partners and us. In addition,we have also developed our logistic system such as set up several distribution centers.

  All these above are Japack’s way of satisfying the customers and the reason of Japack’s remarkable growth.

 Japack’s will continue offering the better quality and better price to the customers with the global netwok and the ideas for good living in the future.