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News Release

  • 01.05.2019Relocated Japack's Osaka distribution center.
  • 01.11.2018Held Japack's 20th anniversary ceremony.
  • 01.02.2015Japack's Fukuoka distribution center establishment.
  • 01.09.2014Fukuoka Branch establishment.
  • 01.06.2012Homepage is renewed.
  • 01.08.2011Japack's Osaka distribution center establishment.
  • 01.08.2011Japack's Tokyo distribution center establishment.
  • 30.05.2011Pink ribbon movement is approved.
  • 01.04.2009Set up the new logistic center
  • 12.03.2004Attened the International Hotel&Restaurant Show 2004 and showed our products at the exhibition